Chester, NY

Each Kiwanis club is governed by elected officers and a Board of Directors
Club Officers

President:                            Mr Frank Sambets               2016-2017

President elect:                 Danielle August                 2016-2017                        

Vice President:                   Carole Duffy                       2016-2017

Secretary:                            Georgina Robillard           2016-2017

Treasurer:                            Don Geer                             2016-2017

IP President:                       Marisue Traina                   2016-2017

Board of Directors      

                                                Susan Bahren                      2015-2017

                                                Colleen Collins                 2015-2017

                                                Edward Stoddard           2016-2017

                                                Noreen Marchesani       2016-2018

                                                Marian Zangrillo             2016-2018

Builder’s Club advisor     Rose Bono

Key Club Advisor              Isabelle Walsh  

                                               Norma Stoddard

K Kids                                    Ed Szulwach

 Aktion Club                     Ed Stoddard

There are no officers to list