Chester, NY

Each Kiwanis club is governed by elected officers and a Board of Directors
Club Officers

President:                               Danielle August                   2017-2018

President elect:                    Susan Bahren                      2017-2018                      

Vice President:                     Sandy Nagler                      2017-2018

Secretary:                              Georgina Robillard           2017-2018

Treasurer:                              Frank Sambets                   2017-2018

IP President:                         Frank Sambets                   2017-2018

Board of Directors      

                                                Erin Moore                            2017-2018

                                                Colleen Collins                     2017-2018

                                                Noreen Marchesani            2016-2018

                                               Don Geer                                 2016-2018

Builder’s Club advisor     Rose Bono

Key Club Advisor              Isabelle Walsh  

                                               Norma Stoddard

K Kids                                   Ed Szulwach

 Aktion Club                  Ed Stoddard

Name Position
August, Danielle President
Bahren, Susan President Elect
Bono, Rose Board member
Collins, Colleen Board member
Geer, Don Board member
Marchesani, Noreen Board member
Moore, Erin Board member
Nagler, Sandy Vice president
Robillard, Georgina Recording secretary
Robillard, Richard Assistant secretary
Sambets, Frank Treasurer
Walsh, Isabelle Board member
Zangrillo, Marian Board member