Chester, NY

Meeting Schedule

Our club has speakers from the local area and beyond to share information, organizations, happenings, and events.  Newcomers and visitors are welcome.

Date Type Title
10/19/2017 Meeting

Treasurer's Report and Expenses


10/19/2017 Meeting
10/26/2017 Meeting
10/28/2017 Event

Semi-annual town highway clean up

11/02/2017 Meeting
11/09/2017 Meeting
11/16/2017 Meeting

Monthly business meeting of club officers and directors

11/16/2017 Meeting
12/07/2017 Meeting
12/09/2017 Event

Annual holiday toy distribution

12/10/2017 Event

Annual holiday parade

12/14/2017 Meeting
12/21/2017 Meeting

Monthly meeting of club officers and board members

12/21/2017 Meeting
12/28/2017 Meeting